Trading industrial firm "Avers"

Processing, sale of non-ferrous metals

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    Trading industrial firm "Avers" for seven years working closely with a number of firms located in Western Europe, Asia and America. Over many years of working together we would like to express my respect and gratitude to the following companies:

                                                   ALPHA-Metall GmbH (Germany)
                                                 In person: Mr. Abdullaev Aleksandr
                                                 RMM Metallhandel GmbH (Germany)
                                                 In person: Mr. Peter ?apski
                                                 Trading Stena AB (Sweden)
                                                 Lord Dremkov Yuri
                                                 Kuusakoski OU (Finland)
                                                 Mr. Andrej ?ugunkin
                                                 Normet SA (Switzerland)
                                                 Mr. Yan Ivnickij
                                                 Valsabbina Metalli Srl (Italy)
                                                 Personally Kirill Terkovskij
                                                 Scantel Ltd (Sweden)
                                                 In person: Mr. Sergei Gri?aev
                                                 In person: Mr. Emre Dogan
                                                 KOREA NON-FERROUS METAL TRADING CO., LTD (Korea)
                                                 In person: Mr. Aan
                                                 CMR International NV / SA (Belgium)
                                                 In person: Mr. Andrey Melnikov
                                                 Norddeutsche Affinerie AG (Germany)
                                                 In person: Mr. Kamal Ildar
                                                 In person: Mr. Joseph von Re?
                                                 ASKO Holding GmbH (Germany)
                                                 In person: Mr. Sergey Bezrukov
                                                 NordMetall GmbH (Switzerland)
                                                 In person: Eugene Gurkin
                                                 Eisenlegierungen Handelsellschaft GmbH (Germany)
                                                 In person: Mr. Gunter Z?nderhauf
                                                 Bergmann AG (Germany)
                                                 In person: Mr. Andrej Voskoboeva
                                                 H?ttenverke the Kaiser AG (Germany)
                                                 In person: Mr. Mihail Gr?n?tajn
                                                                                 Jewometaal BV (Rotterdam Botlek KL)
                                                 Personally Henk Aulih.
                                                                    Nickelh?tte Aue GmbH (Germany) 



Exchange Rates  Date CB
16.01 100,3599
16.01 73,5453
16.01 89,2546
16.01 26,2240

       06:52 (pm) 16/01/2021