Trading industrial firm "Avers"

Processing, sale of non-ferrous metals

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     Trading industrial firm "Avers" constantly buys on a contractual basis waste and scrap of non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, heat resistant steel, nichrome, nickel, titanium, and iron (sheet, circle, hexagon, plate, pipe, wire), non-ferrous and ferrous metals (stainless steel).


                                                         The First Group


         1. Scrap, copper electrical in bundles, bulk and briquettes
         2. Scrap brass.
         3. Scrap bronze Braze.
         4. Scrap bronze OCS.
         5. Scrap chip copper, brass and bronze.
         6. Rental of copper and alloys e?.


                                                         The Second Group

        1. Stainless steel scrap c. B26: 9,5-13% nickel, chrome 17-19% according to GOST 2787-86.
        2. Scrap refractory steel c. B28: 17-20% nickel, chrome 22-27% according to GOST 2787-86.
        3. Other brands of heat-resistant steel, nichrome X15H60, H20N80.
        4. Powders PNA PN et al. With a nickel content of> 70%.
        5. rolled stainless steel 12X18H10T.

                                                          The Third Group


        1. Scrap, titanium and titanium alloys of grades:
          - VT1-00, BT1-0, VT1-2, OT4-0, OT4-1, PT1M;
          - OT4, 3M PT3V, TL5;
          - BT-5, VT20, VT21;
          - BT6, VT3-1, VT8, VT9, VT22, VT23, VT14;
          - Aviation and Missile titanium regardless of the brand with no obstruction is more than 15%;
          - Titanium shavings corresponding marks.
        2. Hire titanium BT1-0 (sheet, rod, plate, tube).

                                                        The Fourth Group


         Secondary aluminum ingots AK5M2 as, plates, false floors (coordinated with Buyer, Photo by).


                                                         The Fifth Group


         Aluminum for deoxidation brands AB87, AV92, AV91, AV95 in the form of ingots. Photo.
         Prerequisites for the quality of the material:
         Scrap and waste must not contain solids: paint, plastic, oil, and other metals.
         In the presence of mechanical impurities and other metals (blockages) produced a decrease in            the price or the net weight. Other metals, defined as the blockage include: Fe, Zn, Mg. Also                refers to  clog the sand, stones, earth, charge, wood, etc.. The material should be free of                  radioactive  impurities. In case of detection of these impurities, the Seller takes                                material from the warehouse  to the buyer immediately, at his own expense.



Exchange Rates  Date CB
16.01 100,3599
16.01 73,5453
16.01 89,2546
16.01 26,2240

       06:39 (pm) 16/01/2021