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    Without a doubt, recycling program of old machinery, which stood on the balance sheet of the entities is a very important question. To no recycling we could do, appliances and electronics must be safe for the environment. Electrical today no longer serves so long as it was replaced quickly come improved models.
      More modern analogs are rapidly replacing outdated not even had time to model equipment. Harm caused by the nature of e-waste, can not be corrected. Without a doubt, the proper handling of old appliances - it is a guarantee that the ecology of the old equipment will not damage.
      Electronic waste should not be thrown away. That's why we talk about the importance of such a program, the program of recycling of old computers, on the balance sheet of legal persons. Environmental protection will just recycle unwanted electronics. Electronics, which is sent for recycling, will be dismantled in stages. Undeniable fact that each stage recycling is important.
    Existing experience and knowledge - is a solid foundation on which underlies our close professional relationships with our partners. You must clearly understand what is the essence of the process, and professionals of our company can tell a lot about recycling. Since it is natural to know all about the fact that you are doing, and recycling of office equipment - a process, no doubt, is the work that we do.
     The staff of the company - are specialists in their field. Competent employees will relieve customers from unnecessary equipment in a timely and professional manner. Offering recycling services for office equipment, the company experienced professionals vouch that execute them on time. If you want to save time and money, contact our company - all the steps we will make timely disposal.
      The program of recycling old computers are on the balance of legal persons - this is something that can tell our specialists. But what is the program of recycling equipment, which stood on the balance of the legal persons? Respond to this question may be specialists. "Leading Dispose Company" has all the necessary permits to carry out recycling.
   Disposal of computers in the province quickly performed by specialists "Leading Companies Dispose". Recycling program of old computers, on the balance sheet of legal persons skilled in the art is familiar company. An important and long process recycling of office equipment can not be implemented without the involvement of enterprises professionals. Harm our nature no people specially cause, in any case, does not want to.



Leiterplatten Kl.1a

Mainboards, Steckkarten (z.B. Soundkarten, Modemkarten, Netzwerkkarten, Platinen von Festplatten) ohne Pentium 4 Mainboards und j?ngeren Generationen.

ohne Aluk?hlk?rper, Batterien und Metallblenden. Steckkarten ohne Slotbleche

Leiterplatten Kl.1b neue Generation

Mainboards ab Pentium 4 und j?ngere Generationen folgende Sockel: 423, mPGA 478, 775,1155, 1156, 1366 usw. AMD Athlon und neuer. Sockel: 462, 939, 754, AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, usw.

Alu-K?hlk?rper, Batterien und Metallblenden m?ssen Entfernt sein. Auf der Vorder- und R?ckseite.

Leiterplatten Kl. 2 a

Leiterplatten aus Telekommunikations-, Mess-, Medizinger?ten, mit geringer Vergoldung bzw. mit zahlreichen IC?s best?ckt. Kondensatoren kleiner als 25 mm Bauh?he

Kl.2 Platinen d?rfen nicht mit Trafos oder Metallteilen best?ckt sein


Leiterplatten Kl. 2 b

Minderwertige Leiterplatten, mit geringen Vergoldungen z.B. Receiver, Festplattenrecorder usw.

Kl.2 Platinen d?rfen nicht mit Trafos oder Metallteilen best?ckt sein


Platinen aus Handys, ohne Display und Blechanhaftungen

keine Platinen aus schnurlosen Haustelefonen, Mobiltelefonen oder PDAs                            

Keramikprozessoren Goldcap

ohne K?hlk?rper                                                                                                           

Keramikprozessoren Pentium I

ohne K?hlk?rper                                                                                                            

Keramikprozessoren AMD

ohne K?hlk?rper                                                                                                        

Keramikprozessoren 286 / 386 / 486

ohne K?hlk?rper                                                                                                           


ohne K?hlk?rper                                                                                                           

Slot Prozessoren

ohne ALU und Kunststoff

Slotprozessoren im Alu und Kunststoffgeh?use z?hlen zur Kl.2. Sollten die Kunststoff bzw. Keramikchips entfernt worden sein gilt das ebenfalls als Kl.2.

CPU PVC Schwarz

ohne K?hlk?rper                                                                                                            

Keramik CPU mit Aludeckel

ohne K?hlk?rper                                                                                                            

CPU PVC mit Kupferkern

ohne K?hlk?rper

Kein separater Ankauf von Pentium 4 Prozessoren (ohne Pins).                                         

Arbeitsspeicher Silberkante                                                                                        

Arbeitsspeicher Goldkante

ohne Metallanhaftung

Metallblenden m?ssen Entfernt sein. Mit Metallblenden geh?ren diese zu den Arbeitsspeicher Silberkante.

CPU-Keramik minderwertig

ohne K?hlk?rper                                                                                


Platine darf nicht Entfernt sein.

PC-Einbaurahmen aus Plastik und Metall m?ssen Entfernt sein                                         


Laufwerke, CD-Rom, Floppy, usw                                                                                  

gef?hrliche Materialien

kein Ankauf von Materialien die z.B. Kondensatoren ab einer Bauh?he von 25 mm , PCB oder andere gef?hrliche Stoffe enthalten.

Es werden auch keine Kleinmengen angekauft.



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16.01 26,2240

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