Trading industrial firm "Avers"

Processing, sale of non-ferrous metals

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    The Closed Joint-Stock Trade Industrial Firm Avers was founded in 1993. It has been proving its worth as a reliable partner for many years. The core business is purchasing and recycling of nonferrous and ferrous metal scrap.


    During the work time at the scrap metal market we have accumulated great experience in such metals as copper, brass, bronze, aluminum and their alloys, iron, stainless steels, nickel-containing alloys, hard alloys, powders, alloying elements and etc.  


    The experience tells to itself and our highly qualified experts will advise and help you with the most beneficial preparation (sorting and laboratory research) to sell nonferrous or ferrous metal scrap.
All work permits (The license) are available.


    We have a great commercial practice with foreign companies, such as Toyota Mitsui, ELG, Jewometaal, Sholtz and Cronimet, and many other largest metal consumers. Secondary nonferrous metal plants and small private companies dealing with scrap metal purchasing are our suppliers in Russia. We are pleased to invite new scrap metal suppliers for cooperation.


    Currently we are interested in attracting a large volume of nickel-containing alloy scrap metal, such as grade B-26 stainless steel scrap and nickel-based alloys, nichrome of different grades, scrap metal with increased nickel content, that is grade B-28 with the nickel content of up to 28%.  


     We are ready to consider any supply offers.
All offers should be sent to the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or call at the following telephone number: +79671952573 (cell), +74956243604 (office).


   We are interested in the scrap metal of rapid steels, alloying elements of W, Co, Ti, Mo, Nb, and powders.To simplify work with our suppliers we do the seller’s ex-warehouse delivery by our own vehicles.  


     Our office is located in the very center of Moscow and our partners have a wonderful opportunity to go sightseeing of our beautiful city of Moscow.



Exchange Rates  Date CB
16.01 100,3599
16.01 73,5453
16.01 89,2546
16.01 26,2240

       05:56 (pm) 16/01/2021