Trading industrial firm "Avers"

Processing, sale of non-ferrous metals

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     The trading industrial firm "Avers" is a leader in buying and selling scrap metal in Russia and the Western European countries, provision of brokerage and transportation services, as well as ferrous and nonferrous metals sales. We are the main driver of the modern work quality initiating innovations and creative decisions for fulfilled businesses.


      We help to increase efficiency and reduce accompanying costs associated with ferrous and nonferrous metal buying and selling sales transactions. We also help beginner players who just begin their business in the modern trade at the metals market.   

     Our objective is to create trust-based relations with our business partners. This also means the quality of products purchased by us and the highest quality standards of scrap recycling.


     We invite our industry partners and public clients to join us and become a part of Avers team, the best source of nonferrous and ferrous metals.

    We have our own employees who possess great experience in purchasing, recycling and selling nonferrous and ferrous metals. We also have our own vehicles for scrap metal delivery to any location in Russia and Europe. We have our own production chemical laboratory which facilitates the work in determining the metal chemical composition. If a metal turns out to have mechanical impurities, our employees with separate it from other metals.

     As far as price arrangements, we draw upon the London Metal Exchange and the product demand at the market. We cooperate with large companies in Russia, USA, Korea, Germany, Netherlands and China. We will be happy to cooperate with new interested companies.

    Our company provides long-term contracts that support continuous demand in metal for companies in the whole world. We deliver metal to international markets, including by sea. Learn more about our scrap metal sales.

    We work strictly in compliance with the Russian law. We have all the necessary permits for nonferrous metal trade and we avoid business with poorly behaving organizations.



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06.03 103,1342
06.03 74,4275
06.03 88,9334
06.03 26,8732

       12:58 (am) 09/03/2021